Get your own android memorygame with your family photos, company promotion, brand promotion. Fast and cheap.

How to make it ?
1) Send us 18 photos (+ logo, corporate identity)
2) Realize payment
3) Your app will be finished in about 7 days
4) Your will be published on GooglePlay or you will receive apk. ile
5) The ability to create a classic printed memorygame

Ideal for product promotion, branding, gift to customers, suppliers, or as a personal family gift. with family photos The app works on standard Android devices. It is tested on readers, mobile phones, tablets, touchscreens. In addition to the application, it is possible to produce a classic printed memorygame for extra charge. We can publish the application through GooglePlay or you can download it to customers directly from your site. Individual customization of the application, programming of functions, extension. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information !